Friday, July 18, 2014

Sanfdra Betzina Sew-Along Session 2

Ok, so you've read the post on Bias Garments and have washed and prepared your fabric. now for the cutting out.

My best advice is to follow the layout plan included in the pattern instructions.

You do not need to cut out interfacing for the bodice front and back facings if you plan to do the chenille effect. The only piece that needs fusible  interfacing is the pocket facing. Do not apply interfacing until I explain what to do with it.

NOTE : The side of the facing that you want to peak through after cutting between the stitching lines should not be the side that lays against the marking paper. So if you want the right side of the facing to show through, the wrong side should be against the marking paper.

I used a large piece of waxed marking paper cause I love it and laid the facings with pattern still pinned over the paper and used a tracing  wheel.

Now it's time to draw the lines for the chenille effect. On both the front and back facing pieces, you will see a line to use as a starting point. In the second photo below, I made a second line 4" away because I had planned to stop there but later changed my mind. Then draw lines 1/2 " apart as far up and as far down as you want with your tracing wheel.

As well mark the darts. I did a slight FBA on mine so you see the side bust dart as well as the armhole one.
Oh and by the way, don't sew in the darts yet .They are only sewn after all the stitching for the chenilling is complete.

I decided to only do five lines on the back of my dress but you could leave it out completely or do the whole thing.

After marking everything, set this aside. You are now ready to start sewing the dress the first thing to do is the pocket facings. Remember. Don't apply the interfacing yet!

I'll do my best to post the pockets step by late afternoon, Donna and Karen!

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  1. Hi Diana, I'm following along... and wondering how/where else I could use this technique. Don't need to add any bulk to that area. But maybe it's not bulky? Thanks for taking the photos and writing; I feel like I'm learning right along with your students.