Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I Sculpted the Pockets On Butterick 5646

If you look on my other blog, you'll see View B of this pattern (B5646)made up.

The fabric was very drapey and the pockets which had two side pleats were difficult to shape into the square they're supposed to be.

Well, I got the idea of cutting out the shape and size of the pockets out of wash away stabilizer and that worked just fine.

In this pic, you see that I've formed the facing of the pocket at the top so I cut the stabilizer to fit below that.

I just forced the cut piece of fabric to take the shape of the stabilizer and sewed around it.

I trimmed away the bulk of the stabilizer ,then turned it to the inside and pressed. I probably should have turned it first before cutting away the stabilizer, but my way worked just fine.

I positioned the pocket in place and stitched around it with no trouble.

I then tore away as much of the stabilizer as I could. The rest will wash out later. It's not noticeable at all from the outside in any case.

The pleated drapey pockets are a nice feature of this design ,IMO.

So there you have it. A simple solution to difficult pocket.