Friday, May 14, 2010

Avoiding that Gaping at the Bottom Center Front of Your Coat

This fall, I want to make this coat. It's Butterick 5295.

I happened to be in Fabricville the other day and I saw this coat made up as a display by one of the women who work there. I asked if I could try it on and when I did,I loved everything about it except it gaped at the center front bottom. And I know how to fix that problem..I learned it by watching Sandra Betzina on Sew Perfect and I never forgot it. This is what you do:

1...Take the center front pattern piece and draw a straight line a few inches in from the outside edge and parallel to the grain line almost all the way to the shoulder .Cut along this line but don't cut through the shoulder line.

2...Spread the pattern apart at the bottom about three or four inches like this

Put paper under the splice and secure it to the pattern piece. ( This is how I alter patterns.)

That's all there is to it and you haven't disturbed the grainline. No more gaping . Your coat will close nicely at the center front bottom.

Tamara,my DD, told me that this coat

which I made for her this past winter,gapes at the bottom but she likes it that way! When I make one for my self out of this fabric

one day, I'm going to use the above method to avoid that gape.

I hope this helps someone and that you make yourself a coat.


  1. Hi Diana ~ Great idea trying the coat on :) I've never had the gape happen but I will remember this alteration, just in case.

    Oh by the way...I'm going to be a Grammy! or is it Grammie?? :)))))
    Yep Serena:) That will make two with little
    Ella :)) We are so excited :)

  2. I wonder if you would consider leading a coat sew-along in the fall? You could post all this wonderful information as the coat(s) progress. Maybe you will think about it?

  3. I actually picked up this pattern (sadly I picked up ALL my patterns the wrong size...but that is a different story) for when I advance past my humble novice sewing rank to a comfortable intermediate. Gives hope to me yet!

  4. So happy to find your blog. Love to read anything about sewing clothes.