Thursday, January 28, 2010

#6.Another use for that tomato pincushion

If you're like me, you probably change your sewing machine needle a lot and what to do with the one you remove! Should you put it back in the little packet it comes in , or what? This is what I do.

I bought an extra tomato pin cushion that no sewist can do without. In each section divided by the green thread, I wrote the needle type at the top.. I then divided each section three times to accommodate the different needle sizes. As I remove a needle , I stick it in its allotted section on the tomato . For example last night I removed a size 7o sharp that I had used to make a couple of buttonholes and poked it into the "sharps" section of the tomato.

Take a look !

Now, I didn't think this up myself but I have no idea where I got it from so I can't give whoever it is credit. The important thing is, it's an effective way of keeping track of those used , but still good needles.

Happy Sewing from Diana

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  1. I remember seeing that hint before, too, but cannot remember where. Thank you for posting this.....I will get my tomato out and mark it up.
    Also, I put a piece of painters tape on my machine with the needle number on it so I know what size I'm using.