Thursday, January 28, 2010

#5. I just can't see the hole in that needle anymore

This helpful hint is one I read in Vogue Patterns magazine ,many years ago.It concerns threading your sewing machine needle.

When I turned 40, I had to get reading glasses. I guess it's just automatic - turn 40, need glasses. Well,gradually threading those darn needles wasn't so easy. So I was delighted to come upon this in the above mentioned magazine.

It is so simple ,really . All you have to do ,to be able to see that little hole in that needle, is to place a white object behind it. I have a white point turner that I keep velcroed to the left side of my sewing machine and it does the trick.


  1. Really, hmmm at 59 I know what you mean it is impossible for me to see that ddarn hole sometimes thanks for the tip, and I love your blog. :) Debb

  2. My old Bernina 830 has a white area there, which makes threading so easy. Why can't all s m maufacturers do this?