Fabrics That are Easy to Sew

If you are just starting to sew, you don't want to get discouraged by sewing with fabrics that are hard to handle.For example, avoid using slippery or very sheer fabrics. 

            (polyester georgette)        (satin)    
 You'll be much happier with fabrics that have body such a

  (cotton)      (,linen)               (denim)          (wool)       

or some polyesters.

 Also,starting with simple projects will give you the confidence and the desire to keep sewing.

Examples of easy projects would be cushions,a simple valance for your bedroom or kitchen, an apron,and if you want to jump right in like I did when I was a teenager and make clothes,you might want to start with a garment that has just a few pattern pieces like a skirt or a top.

What I wouldn't start on right away would be pants because they are harder to fit than most other items of clothing.

There are patterns out there that you can buy that are termed Easy.So that would be a good place to start.

So, if you are ready to start sewing, go for it.Don't forget about the right type of needle to use with the fabric
you choose.

Next time ,I'm going to deal with choosing a pattern and reading it to figure out how to get started.