Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seam Finishes

Lately, sewing for me has been all about making the inside of garments look as good,(or almost as good),as the outside.

I thought I'd show you some of the things I've completed this summer, but from the inside.

This version of Vogue 8605 looks like this on the inside.

I recently made a pair of navy dress pants (not blogged) that have this pretty inside finish.

My new jean jacket and skirt set looks like this on the inside.

My sister's birthday present looks much more classy when the inside looks like this

What do you think?

In all of the above ,I used the Hong Kong finish to pretty up the seams

as well as flat felled seams.

I covered the Hong Kong finish in this post.

Now for flat felled seams ( with,of course the help of photos.)!.

Step 1...Sew your 5/8" seam and press it open.

Step 2... Trim away one side of the seam allowance to about 1/8".

Step 3... Fold about 14" of other side of seam allowance and press.

Step 4... Stitch the edge of this fold close to original seam line (no photo) . It will look like this on the right side.

The flat fell seam is a very tidy way to finish the inside seams and would work very well on its own without using the Hong Kong finish. But I love the contrast and the look that the Hong Kong provides.

NowI challenge you to give this a try and to take your sewing to another level

Have fun sewing!