Sunday, July 28, 2013

How I Streamlined McCall's 6744

I made my daughter a maxi dress  for her to wear while on vacation at the beach. I used McCall's6744.

The pattern called for an elasticized waist and I knew Tamara would not like that. Instead I added
darts to both the front and back bodice pieces as well as the front and back skirt pieces.

I measured 4" from center front and center back for all the pattern pieces involved and drew 1"wide darts. I made each of them 5"long.

This took 4"from the width of the waistband and I thought I might still need to use elastic at the waist. As it turned out ,I didn't. The result is a very slimming dress that can still be pulled over the head because the fabric is poly/lycra. This wouldn't work for a woven .

This is a great little pattern and I recommend it as a shorter dress as well. Tamara has already let me know she would welcome a shorter version and I don't blame her. It looks great on her, don't you think?

These simple alterations can also be used for my maxi dress ,V  1352 . I'm not loving the elasticized waist and intend to use this treatment to  rectify that.

I hope this  information helps someone !

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How I Made the Yoga Palazzo Pant

As promised I thought I'd share how I changed the Silhouette Patterns Yoga Pant into palazzos.

I should first say that I raised the waistline for all of my yoga pants by about !.5 inches because low rise is not for me.I forgot to mention that in the previous post.

I first decided to make the width of the leg bottoms 24".

I started widening the legs at 9" below the waist or at low hip point. I also added some width on the inseam starting at about 5" below the crotch.

The pictures below are fairly explanatory, I think. Please ignore the back pockets. I didn't add them to these pants and they are not part of this pattern but my own addition for a couple of my versions.

Hopefully you can see better when you click on the photo.

I added the same amount to the front and back pattern pieces.

I really love the shape of these pants. It is a very well drafted pattern.

One of my sisters commented on the fit of these and asked me to copy the pattern for her.

The shape through the thighs is of course altered on the palazzos but they fall so elegantly. I'll be making this version again for sure.

I hope the instructions for these are clear. Please let me know if I didn't give enough information.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How I Made MY Colour Blocked Top

I just posted my Saint Laurent inspired top on SewPassionista by DIANA. In this post, I want to show how I made it.

Here is my top,

Here is my drawing from which I drafted the pattern (based on Vogue 8792)

The top is slightly different from the drawing.

First, I copied the front of  V8792. Then I drew the design on this copy.

       I cut out the different sections.

I decided that I would add 1/2" seam allowances and drew these directly onto the fabric before cutting each piece out.

I wish I had taken photos of the sewing steps but I didn't.

I sewed the  five right side pieces together, then the three on the left. I then added the long perpendicular black piece. It was as simple as that.

I decided to make the back side all in yellow rather than follow my original drawing, Simplicity is usually best after all.

I had planned to add black neck and armhole bands but I changed my mind and used facings instead. I wanted these facings to stay put so I hand stitched them very carefully to the inside so that the stitching is virtually invisible on the outside of the garment. This was made possible by my fabric, which is a stable and fairly weighty cotton knit.

To hold the back neck facing, I added a checkered patch incorporating the four colours of my top for a nice little touch,

I used a double needle for the tunic length top and I was finished. This went together very quickly and easily.You can see a few more pics here.

I can't wait to try colour blocking on another garment This was fun!

I'll show you how I made the palazzo pants I mentioned in my last post in a couple of days.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Making Silhouette Patterns Yoga Pant Three Ways

 I try on this blog to share knowledge and techniques.In this post, I want to share a great pattern: Peggy Sagers Yoga Pants pattern  3400  .

This pattern is one  that I keep using over and over again. I change it up in various ways. I add pockets. I shorten it. I use top stitching. I widen the legs. It goes on and on!

I made my first few pairs last summer.

I then used it as the main project for my sewing class this past winter. I managed  to measure seven ladies, draft a personal, individualized pattern for each, and after a few tweaks here and there (I insisted they had to make a muslin first) all seven ladies were delighted with their Yoga Pants.

This was all because of this well drafted pattern and Peggy's many webcasts from which I learned how to make various alterations.

I've made stretch denim Yoga pants, stretch suiting Yoga pants, and of course ponte Yoga pants. I've also made them out of stretch velvet and stretch cotton sateen.

This summer, I made three  pairs using summer weight ponte.

For the black capri length, I added an in-the-seam pocket with a zipper closing to the right side so I can take my phone when I go walking alone in the woods. I'll blog about the top I'm wearing on Sew Passionista this weekend.


I made a cream full length pair .

But my most favorite ones are the white palazzo pair I made that goes with so many things like this .

and this

and even a casual top like this one. I love the inseam pockets I added to this pair.

They feel wonderful and elegant. I'll be making more just like these.

If you're looking for a really great pants pattern, please consider trying this one. You'll be glad you did!
Check back early next week and I'll show you the changes I made to the pattern to make palazzo pants and I'll also show you a great in seam pocket technique which is slimming and attractive.

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