Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#1. Fusble Thread

I'm posting useful hints that I think help a lot in the sewing process. I've gathered these over the years in various places. I'll try to give credit where possible but I can't always remember the origin. Some, I've come up with myself. Hope They help someone out there in Blogland!

If you haven't tried fusible thread yet, you might want to. So far, I've used it on the edges of sew-in interfacing before applying it to individual garment pieces.
Fill your bobbin with the fusible thread.Sew around each piece of interfacing, then fuse it to the garment pieces . It stays put while you construct your garment.

I've used it on the wrong side of facings so when ironed ,they stay in place.

Another use for fusible thread is , when you want to use a double needle to hem a garment,first sew around the bottom edge making sure the fusible thread is to the inside of the hem. Press in place ,then turn over and hem with your double needle
It makes the job much easier..

If you notice in the photo, the thread has loose layers so the thing to remember is to use tit in the bobbin and you should have no problem.

Try it! I think you'll find many more uses for this thread. Let me know what you come up with.

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