Sunday, March 24, 2013

Designing a Jeans Back Pocket

Since I can't seem to find RTW jeans that fit me well, I've decided to give up and just make my own. I already have made several pairs so it doesn't take me nearly as long as it used to.

I enjoy dreaming up designs for the back pockets so I thought I'd show you how I go about it.

The hardest part is thinking up a suitable pattern that will look cool on the behind!

I've been more successful on some

than others.

For my new black denim Yoga Pant jeans, I came up with what I think is my best one yet. Now, I probably saw this somewhere but I don't know for sure .

First, I make a paper copy of the finished  pocket.I draw my design on this paper pocket.

I then trace two copies onto tissue paper.

I pin the tissue directly onto the pocket.

I stitch directly over the tissue using top stitching thread or two spools of regular thread threaded in the same needle. I use regular thread in the bobbin. (no photo )

I tear off the tissue which comes off easily and finish the pocket as usual.

On these pockets, for the design, I used a decorative stitch called saddle stitch on one of my machines and sculpture stitch on another machine.

I love my new Yoga Pant jeans. I worked very hard to refine the fit . I solved a couple of fit problems That I had with this Silhouette pattern. I intend to write a post here to show my solution in case someone else has the same issues.