Stabilizing withClear Elastic

When sewing with knits, it's often necessary to stabilize shoulder seams . I like to use clear elastic. I usually buy  5 meters at a time of 1/4"  clear elastic at Fabricville and  I wrap it around a piece of cardboard to store it.

I sew it to the shoulder seam at the same time as I sew the seam and I apply it to the back of the  seam. Do not stretch the elastic as you sew. The fact that clear elastic does not have a lot of stretch is the reason it provides stability to the shoulder seam.


When using it for a project, I've found that it's much easier to leave it on the package  while sewing it to the shoulder seam because it's hard to work with a short piece of this stuff. I've learned this with practice!

And that's it for clear elastic!

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