What Size Sewing Machine Needles Should I Use?

Believe it or not ,but the size of sewing machine needle you use can make all the difference. As for what brand,I 'll just say that I use Schmetz and   Xlasse .Here I'm going to just advise you on the size to use for fabrics such as cotton,linen, wool, polyester and knits.Most often these needles are called universal because you can use them on most woven and stretch fabrics.

The needle sizes I use most often are:

  1. a 70/10 universal  for light or sheer fabrics.
  2. an 80/12 universal for light to medium cotton,linen, wool or polyester
  3. a90/14 universal for medium to heaver cotton,linen wool or polyester and a lghter weight denim
  4. a 16/100 jeans  for heavy denims or for hemming jeans
For knits,I'll try a regular 80/12 universal and if that doesn't work.I'll try the 80/12  ballpoint needle which is specifically for knits and sometimes for really stretchy jerseys knits ,I'll have to go to a Stretch needle
Others might not agree with these sizes ,but they work well for me.

I think this is enough information on types of machine needles to get you started.
Please let me know if you run into difficulty.