Saturday, January 15, 2011

Helpful Hint #12 What to do About all those Bobbins

I was tidying my Sewing Room the other day and fighting with all those half filled boobins that get tangled together. Suddenly,Eureka! It hit me like lightning out of the blue. I don't know why I've never thought of this before! Have a look!

In case it's not clear,the solution is to stick long pins in the bulletin board and to hang the bobbins on the pins. I grouped the colours together where I had more than one bobbin with a particular colour. I also hung extra empty bobbins for easy access when needed.

Isn't that a great and hopefully helpfulhint?


  1. I like it ~ it's a great idea Diana.

    If you have one of the thread (peg) holders (the June Tailor style) you can also use some of the pegs for the bobbins.

    I like the look of your blog :)

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  3. Cute and helpful! Hi there! I'm a newbie to sewing, blogging and this amazing blogging community of crafty people and inspirations! One of the first things I did was create an inspiration board, and there is definitely space for me to do this with my bobbins which will help keep my small sewing space tidy (which my hubby will appreciate!) THANKS FOR THE TIPS! I'll be following your site as you seem to have great tips that I can definitely use!-Hattie