Sunday, March 24, 2013

Designing a Jeans Back Pocket

Since I can't seem to find RTW jeans that fit me well, I've decided to give up and just make my own. I already have made several pairs so it doesn't take me nearly as long as it used to.

I enjoy dreaming up designs for the back pockets so I thought I'd show you how I go about it.

The hardest part is thinking up a suitable pattern that will look cool on the behind!

I've been more successful on some

than others.

For my new black denim Yoga Pant jeans, I came up with what I think is my best one yet. Now, I probably saw this somewhere but I don't know for sure .

First, I make a paper copy of the finished  pocket.I draw my design on this paper pocket.

I then trace two copies onto tissue paper.

I pin the tissue directly onto the pocket.

I stitch directly over the tissue using top stitching thread or two spools of regular thread threaded in the same needle. I use regular thread in the bobbin. (no photo )

I tear off the tissue which comes off easily and finish the pocket as usual.

On these pockets, for the design, I used a decorative stitch called saddle stitch on one of my machines and sculpture stitch on another machine.

I love my new Yoga Pant jeans. I worked very hard to refine the fit . I solved a couple of fit problems That I had with this Silhouette pattern. I intend to write a post here to show my solution in case someone else has the same issues. 


  1. great pocket tutorial Diana - it was seeing your white jeans that inspired me to make a nice design on my jean pocket - I use my embroidery machine for mine, but the inspiration came from you.

  2. Perfect fit with the yoga pants and thanks for the pocket tutorial.

  3. Do like that pocket design! The yoga jeans are a great fit. Will look forward to the tutorial.

  4. Thank you for this post, it is exactly what I have been looking for.

  5. Great job! I might put the pockets a little closer together in the back though. My personal opinion tho. I'm interested in hearing what fit issues you had. I am having trouble buying clothes I'm happy with so I am about to start making some of my own. I'm a size 18W, but the women's sizes are too big in the rear and too long in the crotch. I carry all my weight in my belly so I have to get bigger sizes for the waist size. One sales clerk said that maybe a petite size might fit better in the crotch, but of course, at 5'8" tall, that would be really short on me. Thanks!

  6. I found this on Pinterest while looking for pocket designs for Itch to Stitch mountain view pull on jeans. I loved your design and had no idea how to transfer the pattern so both would be exact and loved the method you used which worked perfectly. Thank you