Sunday, July 28, 2013

How I Streamlined McCall's 6744

I made my daughter a maxi dress  for her to wear while on vacation at the beach. I used McCall's6744.

The pattern called for an elasticized waist and I knew Tamara would not like that. Instead I added
darts to both the front and back bodice pieces as well as the front and back skirt pieces.

I measured 4" from center front and center back for all the pattern pieces involved and drew 1"wide darts. I made each of them 5"long.

This took 4"from the width of the waistband and I thought I might still need to use elastic at the waist. As it turned out ,I didn't. The result is a very slimming dress that can still be pulled over the head because the fabric is poly/lycra. This wouldn't work for a woven .

This is a great little pattern and I recommend it as a shorter dress as well. Tamara has already let me know she would welcome a shorter version and I don't blame her. It looks great on her, don't you think?

These simple alterations can also be used for my maxi dress ,V  1352 . I'm not loving the elasticized waist and intend to use this treatment to  rectify that.

I hope this  information helps someone !

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  1. Yes, I'm short like your daughter so find it helpful. Maxis are hard to get the proportions right as they can look frumpy if you get it wrong.

  2. Yes it does look great on her. Good job.

  3. this is great no wonder she wants a shorter version

  4. Thanks for the "how to." Turned out so cute!

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