Thursday, August 15, 2013

Professor Pincushion Video Lessons

I've just found a treasure trove of videos at a site called Professor Pincushion.

I wasn't aware, before, of these video lessons and just happened upon them on the McCall's website. I've watched  some of them through and I think there is some useful info here for new sewers and probably for not so new.

The link for the videos is Professor Pincushion

The individual videos are as follows: ( I got these on the McCall's site but they are on Page 1 under videos at Prof. Pincushion ) They range from about 10 minutes to 20 minutes each .

 I've rearranged the order of the vdeos to make it easier for beginners .

Note: If you're reading this on the BlogLovin Feed , you won't be able to access the links below. However, they work fine on the original post.

1.How to Take Your Measurements For Sewing

2.How To Read A Commercial Pattern Envelope

3..How to Read Commercial Pattern Directions 

4.. How to Mark Your Fabric For Sewing                               

5..How To Arrange or Layout Sewing Pattern Pieces

6.How to Cut Out Sewing Pattern Pieces

For those of you who already sew, there are other  videos  that may be of interest to you.One example is Function and Design Ease. Another is Working With Leather and Vinyl.

This is a great website. Access to it is free but you can also pay a fee for a Premium account which lets you access stuff not available to free members.

I hope this is useful to someone. I'm planning on using these videos to help me prepare for a new sewing class I'm starting in the fall.

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