Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Last Sewing Class and A Sewing Quiz

Note: I wrote this post two weeks ago but events in my life caused me to forget to publish.

I'm a retired teacher as many of you know and once a teacher , always a teacher I guess because I couldn't end this session of lessons without testing my ladies! I surprised them with this little quiz/review of the sewing techniques we covered in the last two months. I didn't include any of the fitting/alteration points  that we covered . I feel it takes a lot of trial and error before we can master those techniques.

Here is a list of sewing terms. Please choose from this list to fill in the blanks of the following statements. . You may need to use an answer more than once.

               basting stitches                                   stabilizer
               stay stitching                                       interfacing
               under stitching                                     down                                
               bias                                                      narrow                                                 
               5/8"                                                     shoulder 
               1/2"                                                     tear away stabilizer
               3/8"                                                      center
               one inch                                               stitch crowding
               fusible                                                  vertical
               Wonder Tape                                      Fray Check
               horizontal                                             underarm 
               Steam-a-Seam                                     stitch in the ditch

      1. For most pattern companies the traditional seam width is                               .
      2. To sew a Hong Kong finish to the inside seams of a garment use                          strips of a light                       weight fabric.

      3. The stitching that is sewn on the facing of a garment and through all thicknesses of the seams
 and just  beside the "ditch ' of the seam to help the facing turn to the inside of the garment is called

      4. To shorten the seam of an armhole or neckline it is helpful to sew with your finger
at the back of the presser foot to form little puckers. This  is called                                   .

      5.When inserting a zipper, always stabilize the back of the area with                     

      6.Stitching sewn at 1/2" along the seam allowance to stabilize an area  is called

      7.When inserting a sleeve,you should sew two rows of                           
                              between the  front and back  notches.

     8. The two spots that must be matched on a sleeve and bodice are the                            seam and the

     9. It is important to finish a dart with a very                             point.

    10.Bust darts are pressed                               and waist darts in both front and back are pressed                     toward  the                            .

    11.Buttonholes are sewn                            inch from the edge of your garment. They are                       
         for shirts and blouses, and                              for jackets and coats .

    12. The technique where you sew  between the two sides of a seam and from the outside of your garment
         is called                                  .

    13. Two products helpful when sewing buttonholes are                                and                               ..

    14. A product that is helpful when applying a zipper is                            .

    15. A product useful when finishing a hem, cuffs, or positioning a pocket when you are sure you won't want to move it is                                    .

       Click here for the answers.

And finally, a couple of pics of my students with their made by them garments. I had intended to take more pics featuring all their finished garments, but left it too late . Darn!

             From left to right, Karen and Donna wearing their Sandra Betzina fluted blouse/jackets ( V1385) and Dorothy wearing her New Look 6762     knit top and her Silhouette Patterns yoga pants # 3400. Donna is also wearing a slim version which we developed of the yoga pants pattern.


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