Sunday, June 2, 2013

View C of Butterick 5645, Much Better

Because I'm still not getting any traffic on SewPassionista by DIANA.,I'm going to start posting here instead for a while. Please if you would leave  a comment so I know I'm not invisible!! Lol!!

I made View A of  B5645 expecting to love it but the pattern had some flaws and I ended up feeling blah about it.

 I was going to file it away when I suddenly decided to try View C. I had a piece of printed lace that really wanted to become this top and so two hours later it was finished!

The sleeves of this top require an inset .I rather hastily decided to use a dark blue stretch lace I had on hand. I now wish I had chosen a white or beige lace instead.

I love this top and it will be perfect to wear with white palazzo pants to a barbecue that is also an anniversary party we are invited to. (  I don't have white palazzo pants but will have to do something about that.)

For now, it goes rather well with my white ponte yoga pants, I think.

I have a great post about lace dresses for next time. It includes my prom dress from 1966 which still makes me swoon a little. Please check back in a couple of days!

I hope you found time to sew this weekend.

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  1. That is a really pretty top. I tried to post comments on your other blog but it just wasn't opening the box for me. Plus I don't rec any notifications about new posts!!!

  2. The top goes very well with your pants!

  3. THis top is gorgeous. Looks great with the white pants.. and love that blue cabinet behind you.. Gorgeous..

  4. Hi Diana, still not getting updates of your other blog in any of the readers I use, but got the update from this blog. So strange. Anyhow, I hopped on over to see the other top, an it's cute as well. I very much like the cowl with the inset lace in the sleeves.

  5. It does look nice with the white. Looks like you will have to make those white palazzo pants!

  6. This is a very pretty top and it looks wonderful with your white pants.

  7. Your sewing is always professional. That top is so pretty-summertime lovely. You are not invisible. I haven't been a good blogger/reader/commenter for a while because of making a move, but I will get back into it when I get settled.

  8. Lovely top - looks good with white pants. I like the surprise of the darker lace inset.

  9. Gorgeous top. I do visit both sites, but need to commend more. You are certainly not invisible. I love your work and sense of style. Thanks for continuing to share your sewing experiences.

  10. You are really good. I like the way you design this dress. Totally fantastic.
    Ed of

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.