Sunday, May 12, 2013

How I made This Cardi With a Twist.

I just posted this outfit on Sew Passionista by DIANA. Please visit if you want a more detailed look.

I thought someone might want to know how to make this really simple topper because when I wore it last night to a function ,several people complimented me and wanted to know how I got the twist  in my cardi.

I have a pullover which looks like a twin set and I wanted to copy just the cardi part so I figured it out and came up with this pattern piece for the front.The little part in the middle front that sticks out is about 2.5 inches wide when laid on the fold by about 5 inches deep.

For the back and sleeves , I used Simplicity 2603.

I didn't know exactly how to cut it so that when twisted, I'd end up with both sides of the front being on the right side of the fabric ,so I made a miniature front . When twisted twice, it came out the right way so I was confident it would work.

The front piece is cut on the fold as I said..

It is then twisted twice, and sewn as usual at the shoulder and side seams, etc.

To finish the front edges I serged , then used Steam-a-Seam to hold down  the folded edges before stitching by machine. It worked beautifully. On the original, the edges were folded twice before being stitched but I didn't want to do that.

I cut the back so I would have a. nice deep hem.

I added elbow length sleeves which I  like for summer days and in just a couple of hours, I had  the perfect topper for my new dress.

I think you could use different knit fabrics both light and heavy to make this piece. 
You can bet I'll be making more. 

Happy sewing!


  1. Great looking dress & cardi! Thanks for the tutorial. You used Simplicity 1234 for the back of the cardi. I could not find S1234. Do you have a photo of the pattern cover. I'd just trying to picture the pattern.

  2. So sorry Joyce. The pattern number is 2603. I've now corrected it in my post.Thank you for leaving a comment.

    1. Thanks for the update. I have S2603 in my stash. I'm putting this project on my task list. Thanks again for your willingness to share and teach.

  3. Lovely pieces - the topper is very clever!

  4. Very clever - both outfits look amazing.

  5. This is a pretty cardi. You have done a meticulous job with it. Whew. Brilliant!
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