Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not Quite Enough Fabric? A Solution!

It happens to us all I imagine. Almost but not quite enough fabric. Sometimes it's in length, sometimes in width, or somewhere in between.

It happened to me this week when I was making this Vogue maxi dress I just blogged about on SewPassionista by DIANA.

The front top crosses over and I was missing just a bit at the  point on the bottom. I made sure  that it was the left side that would be deficient because that part would be completely covered by the right bodice piece and proceeded to add some fabric in this way.

I overlapped a piece of fabric making sure I matched the pattern and cut out the left front. It looked like this.

I then used a multiple stitch zigzag on the very edge of the added piece to join it to the rest of the left front bodice. I could barely see where I had joined the two pieces. I held it up against the light and even then it was almost invisible. See?

I guess my point is that we agonize over every little thing as sewists. In this case, the left bodice front is covered anyway. But no one is ever going to examine our garments as closely as we do so let's just lighten up.

Here's the finished bodice and it's fine. 

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  1. Diana, I just did some checking and found that on Bloglovin, what was supposed to be your blog I was following was this:
    No idea how that happened - the blog title was Sew Passionista by Diana. I transported all my blogs over from Google. I've corrected it so hopefully I'll get your feed now. If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to Bloglovin and search your blog title. Crossing my fingers it works now!

  2. You are so right. We agonize over things that no one notices (or even cares about). Love your top and the colors!

  3. ditto to the above, and you can't even see your fix - as you say we are the ones who notice not others.