Sunday, September 1, 2013

Did You Catch the Sale at Moods?

I'm so excited! For the first time ever ,I've ordered fabrics from Mood this week when they had a 20% off sale sitewide!

Now I already have enough fabrics to last me a very long time and so I made sure to only order pieces I can't find here and for me that means an assortment of stripes! I only ordered five of the fabrics that I had pinned to my Mood board  plus a few swatches of some of the others.

     Lavender and Gray Striped Cotton Jersey     Red and Heathered Gray Striped Cotton Jersey 
                                 Nautical Double-Faced Cotton-Blend Jersey

     Navy and Black Striped Modal Jersey     Blue Polka Dots Knit

The only thing is , I don't have a plan for any of these fabrics. I've been trying very hard not to buy fabrics without knowing what I want to make out of them so they don't linger  long enough on my shelves to bother my conscience .Lol.

What is your strategy when buying fabric? Are you an impullse buyer ? Do you only buy a fabric when you know exactly what it will become? Do you stalk certain fabrics until you can resist them no longer? (That's pretty much what I do!!)  Or do you buy fabrics "just in case"? (I do that too).

Well, not exactly a post filled with useful sewing tips or information, is it! But I just wanted to share.

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  1. Eagerly awaiting to see what you make with these!

  2. Oh the fabric purchase decision making process! Its a tricky thing and very close to my heart. I am an impulse buyer with some things. Today I saw pale blue silk organza for $5/m so I bought some even though I'm terrified of actually stitching it and have no idea what I'll make with it lol. But I also bought three other pieces with firm ideas about what they will eventually become. So I do both and everything in-between.

    BTW your sister's suit is fab and she is a very lucky lady.