Sunday, September 15, 2013

A New Take on the Hong Kong Finish

I've just finished the dress that is part of my Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest entry. See here at Sew Passionista by DIANA. So now I'm hard at work on a brown denim suit for my sister Gloria.

In a way, it's a piece of cake because ,except for being smaller busted than me, the two of us are exactly the same size. My Sandrs Betzina jeans fit her perfectly!

The jacket is this OOP Burda pattern  8605,

that I love and have made many times before including here, and here, and here, etc.

I love a Hong Kong seam finish which I blogged about before  in this post. But up until now, I've always applied it after sewing the various seams together. Well, I got the bright idea ,this time, and many of you probably already do this, to apply the finish before I join most of the seams together and it's so much easier this way. Who knew?!

Here are the various parts of the jacket with the animal print charmeuse strips already applied.

I'm just so tickled about this!

If I were ever to sell garments made by me, this jacket would be the thing. I love making this. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this pattern.

Here are a couple of shots of more examples of  this great Burda pattern.

My most favorite is the white denim one. The oldest is the red mini whale corduroy one made 10 years ago and  that I still wear.still wear. the most recent one is the black/pink print which gets me compliments evry time i wear it. I'm planning a new version in early spring.

Do you have a special pattern in your collection that just won't stop producing ideas for new versions?
Let's talk!

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  1. I love that pattern too. I've made it only twice, but should pull it out again soon.

  2. Fabulous jackets. I love to make the Renfrow t-shirt and the Archer shirt.

  3. My go to pattern for blouses is McCalls 6124. Very basic princess line, very adaptable.

  4. Lovely pattern and your renditions of it are great! I have some patterns I use over and over but really, I am not doing anything new with them. I am a new sewer (5 yrs) and concentrate on technique more than creativity. Soon though...I can feel it.

  5. Lovely jackets. My favorite remake is an old rtw wrap dress I took apart and made into a pattern. Recently saw a wrap dress made by Mimi G. with faux leather sleeves,, you know what that means, time to pull out my wrap dress pattern.

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