Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Four (or Five ) Way Wrap

I know it's been a very long time since I posted here but I think you're going to love this little tutorial.

If you go  here to  Sew Passionista, you'll find many photos of this amazing little workhorse of a garment and hopefully get inspired  to try one. You will need less than an hour to sew this wrap and will wear it  constantly, I promise. So here is one example



Fabric....  Amount : 20" to 25" of  at least 60" (150 cms. ) wide
                 Type : a drapey fabric , preferably a knit but wovens will work if  they are light weight
                            such as georgette. Knits can include sweater , crochet, jersey, ponte, mesh, lace,
                            boucle, etc.

METHOD.... (You may find the chart I've includeD helpful )

       Before you begin, take a look at your selvedges and decide if you like them. They can become a finished edge. Other wise , if you have a serger, prefinish all edges before starting to sew your wrap together.

                 1... Fold your fabric with right sides together  selvedge to selvedge

                 2...Place a pin 15" from fold .This is your neck opening. Sew from pin to the selvedge.

                 3...If desired, fold neckline seam allowance and top stitch. .
                       You could leave this seam as a serged edge if you want.

                 4. Press your seam and you're finished !

This is a chart I made to use for my Sewing Group. I hope it will make the instructions more clear.
Excuse the photography.

OPTIONAL:. Add buttons down the seam or an exposed zipper for a funky design detail
                       Finish hems with bias binding to add some oomph to your wrap.


                Fringe the hem or sew on a fringe for a really cool  finish.

                Come up with your own idea for a unique wrap .

  I hope you'll try this great little topper. It's a lot of fun to wear and adds pizazz to any outfit.

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  1. VERY CUTE, Diana! Thank you!

  2. I love the wrap! What a great accessory to one's wardrobe!

  3. PS I missed your blog - glad you're back!

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