Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Uniquely You Dressform

It's been a while since I posted here. It occurred to me that I could share my Uniquely You dress form experience.

I did a lot of research before I decided to order my new dress form. I watched this video which was a great help. I found my Uniquely You at for the lowest price and it arrived promptly.

You chose your size according to the chart below

And it arrives looking like this

Now if I hadn't done my research, I would have been in shock to see those pointy boobs!! And I wouldn't have known to use a serrated knife to cut off some of the excess.I ended up cutting off quite a bit .

The form comes with a cover and mine fit me quite well right out of the box, but I did alter it quite a bit to accommodate my narrow shoulders and flat hips. I lacked the courage to show you photos of me wearing the cover. Also, the instructions said not to skip any steps and being a very literal person, I followed each one religiously and I have a feeling, needlessly. The excercise took me four hours!

Oh and I couldn't have gotten the cover on me without the help of my hubby to zip me up and then again to get in on the form!

The instruction warns you to make the cover slightly smaller than yourself  (and it gives you a formula to follow) because the high density foam of the form would stretch out the fabric of the cover and it did. I had to take it in a lot and I still ended up with an extra inch everywhere. I have a feeling I should have ordered my form a size smaller than I did. My measurements fall within the Small category and because of my bust, I chose Small 5 and I should have chosen the 4.

Still I'm happy with my new acquisition . It is much closer to my matronly shape than my Diana dress form which I'll keep to use for my DD.

Here's what it looks like finished

The boobs are kind of flat and I could add the tips that I cut off but no way am I taking that thing off again!

I do recommend this dress form if, like me your shape has changed with the years or if you were not born with the ideal figure represented by most dress forms.

Hope this is useful to somebody!


  1. Diana, it was useful to me! I bought mine several years ago and was "chicken" to begin the fitting process. You've given me some encouragement to do it!

    1. Well I'm so glad. You really need a few hours and someone there to help with the zipping up!! Good luck Cherie.

  2. I have the same form; it's been a number of years since I fit it to me. I think I need to refit it as the fabric seems to have continued to stretch a bit, and she seem larger than me right now in several places. I also have needed to take some off her butt; mine is soooo flat and she has quite a shelf! lol One of these days..................I just dread all that zipping again!

  3. Thank you. I've had my eye on getting this dress form for a while.

    1. After reflecting on it, I may have to try to make the midrift area smaller. athat part on me is quite a bit smaller than on the dress form and I want to learn drafting (Craftsy Class) and it just won't work this way. I'm not sure if I can make that happen. Whatever you do, don't get one bigger than you!

  4. Like Cherie, I've had that form for years and the last time I tried to do the fitting, it was pure comedy. I need to get someone to help (and a couple bottles of wine) and try again.