Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Wrap With a Twist

I mentor a Sewing Group a couple of Thursday afternoons a month. I can usually expect four or five ladies on a typical day but I came up with a project that really seems to have attracted a lot of attention!

It's a .wrap which I  found in the magazine Quick Stuff to Sew,the winter 2010 issue .The same article is also in Threads magazine May, 2009.  Here's a peek.

Here's my wrap and the steps to make it.

1. Make up the pattern as outlined in the magazine instructions. Be sure to mark the left and right sides of the front pattern pieces. Also, be sure to draw the grain line on all pieces starting with the center back .Just ignore the extra lines drawn in the bottom photo. We were trying to decide on the length we wanted.

2.Cut out the pieces being careful to lay the left and right front pieces correctly.

3. Sew the shoulder seams joining the front pieces to the back. Top stitch the shoulder seam if you wish.

4. Unless you are using fleece or boiled wool, serge finish all edges.

5.  Using 1/2" seams,finish all edges in one long continuous seam mitering the pointed lower end of the right front side and the lower end of the left side as well .Press seams under first before stitching if you like..

Now all your edges are finished. All there is left to do is to make the slots where you will slip the pointed end of your right front piece.

6.Try on your wrap and decide where you would like the right front to cross over your left front.Mark this spot with a pin or two.

7.Lay the left front straight in front of you and draw two lines about 5" long ,side by side about 3" apart and parallel to the sides of the left front.

8.With contrasting thread in the bobbin,sew along these two lines so they are visible on the wrong side.This will be your cutting line later.Now still on the wrong side, draw a box that is about 1/2"wide  around this stitched line .See photo It shows only the wrong side..

9..Cut a piece of fabric that is about 7 or 8." square.

10. On the right side of the front ,lay the right side of the  square evenly over the two lines of stitching and pin along the outer edges of the square.

11. Turn to the wrong side and stitch around the box.Notice I've drawn in triangles that I forgot to show in Step8.These will be useful in Step 12.

12.Cut through the center line pivoting at the point of the triangles toward the corners and cutting very close but not through the corners


!3 On right side, cut  up the middle of the square.See photo.

14.Now this is the fun part! Turn each side of the square to the wrong side and press carefully.Pin securely or basting would be even better.

15.From the right side, top stitch around each opening.9No photo) On the wrong side trim close to top stitching.

 You are done! Now try it on and pull the right side front through the slots.  Isn't it pretty?

I do hope these directions are clear.


  1. Thanks Diana. I love your sewing lessons. This is a useful garment for me as our winters are not very cold.


    sewing machin-welcome :)

  3. I'm a new sewer and I'm learning so much from your posts! I'm dying to make this wrap. So chic, and hopefully not to difficult to make.

  4. I'm a new sewer and I'm learning so much from your posts! I'm dying to make this wrap. So chic, and hopefully not to difficult to make.