Sunday, May 15, 2011

My New Love...Wonder Tape

For years,I've been looking for Wonder Tape by Dritz everywhere I've gone..Montreal,Ottawa,Vancouver, Paris (well not really.Wonder Tape was the last thing I thought of in Paris ).But I've searched in vain for this much coveted notion.

I first heard about it on Sandra Betzina's Sew Perfect on HGTV many years ago. Can you believe it that I found it finally at of all places Fabricville!!They certainly didn't have it when I worked there part-time for 6 years!

And even more delightful is that it washes away! Oh my goodness! You have no idea how I'm loving my wonderful Wash Away Wonder Tape.I've only had it for a week and I've already used more than half the package. I love it even more than Steam-a-Seam which ,like Ron Collins of Power Sewing Web TV Show fame ,I use all the time.

I used it on this little cardigan to hold the hem and facings in place before sewing them.Afterwards I used Steam-a-Seam to add grosgrain ribbon to cover the serged edges.

On this jacket,I added a 4&1/2 bias cut piece to the bottom because it was too short. I used the Wonder Tape to hold the facing in place before doing the top stitching .

Oh MY! The sky's the limit for this little gem!! Maybe they'd let me make a commercial!Lol.


  1. I have some of this that I'd gladly give away. I have a Dickens of time trying to get it to unroll!! I'll look at it again, tonight. Maybe it's the width. I think I have 1/4". Frustrating

  2. lol...I've been using this for years too Diana and it "is" great. I first heard of this at Sewing World. When making MacPhee patterns I used it alot for applying zippers to fleece.

  3. Don't have this in my stash. MUST get some!

  4. Wow I'm going to get some of this too, assuming it is available in NZ. It will definitely be very useful when putting in that open ended zipper. Damned thing - hah! Many thanks Diana.

  5. Wonderful for curved piecing in quilting like the drunkards path need to snip the tape on a slant every half inch befoer you apply to curve. Curves with no pins yeah. :)

  6. Thanks, I had it for a long time, struggling, no idea.